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Duplexer & Combiner Critical Length Cable - A Single Cable Sized Precisely to Order

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Critical Length Coaxial Transmission Line - For the replacement of lost or damaged critical length cables within Duplexers, Combiners, and Filters. 

Having the exact length coaxial cable between cavities has a direct and critical impact on the insertion loss and isolation of your duplexer, filter, or combiner. Over time these cables become lost or damaged, and remaking them to exact lengths is a tedious and tiresome process. Fortunately, we enjoy being tired while doing tedious tasks. 


  • Qty. (1) Complete precision cable assembly
  • Huber-Suhner Enviroflex 142 Coaxial Cable
  • Delta RF - Precision high-reliability Type N Connectors
  • Low-smoke zero halogenating heat shrink product ID labels - Length indicated on the label to reduce confusion during service and assembly
  • Comprehensive VNA testing RF Sweep Data 100 KHz - 8 GHz, including both FDR and TDR analysis - Data included with each assembly

Northcomm's coaxial cable assemblies are precisely manufactured devices intended for use in high-reliability and mission-critical environments. Our fabrication process uses highly sophisticated computer-controlled machinery from Schleuniger that ensures the electrical and mechanical integrity of both the inner and outer conductors. This proprietary assembly system delivers repeatable and exacting tolerances that are simply unachievable with traditional hand tools.

Please note: The images of multiple cables are for illustrative purposes only. Each "add to cart" selection includes one cable assembly. Looking for a custom kit? Give us a ring - we want to talk to you, too!

All assemblies are designed and produced in the United States.