Northcomm Technologies manufactures rack-mountable R56 compliant Grounding Kits which are designed to protect highly sensitive communications equipment while ensuring system reliability. Our products mirror the guidelines recommended in the "Motorola R56 - Standards and Guidelines for Communication Sites".


Each Grounding Kit includes a 19” copper ground buss bar and premium super flexible #6 AWG-MTW green grounding wires cut and terminated to your specific length and lug diameters. (Additional ground wires can be included at an additional cost).


Our cables contain over 200 fine copper strands, providing an ultra-flexible ground termination that can be moved repetitively without breaking. This super flexible wire allows installers and repair technicians to move freely around the rack without being inhibited by the standard THHN wire that’s typically misused for this application.    


As specified within R56, every lug is hydraulically machine crimped with a tool delivering 12 tons of compressive force. The ultimate die, lug and wire combination, in conjunction with the specified compressive tonnage, creates an inspectable UL listed electrical termination.  


Grounding is the most important part of any communication system, yet it’s so often overlooked. Don’t leave your system vulnerable.  Contact us today to discuss your customized grounding solution. 

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