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SAFE PTT is the only vehicle-integrated device that allows First Responders to use their Public Safety radio without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

SAFE PTT’s proprietary technology allows you to assign an OEM steering wheel button as a radio “Push to Talk”. When the user depresses the selected button, SAFE PTT keys-up the radio and routes audio from the Ford factory microphone to the radio’s auxiliary mic input. In addition, when SAFE PTT is not in use, the factory microphone still functions normally. Your Bluetooth cell phone features still works. 

Our unique audio processing circuit includes a field adjustable mic gain to accommodate the auxiliary mic inputs of most commercially available two-way radios. You will not compromise delivered audio quality with the SAFE PTT.

The kit includes a complete wire harness assembly that allows for a seamless “plug and play” integration. At no point during the installation are OEM vehicle wire harnesses cut, spliced or damaged. SAFE PTT can be installed and removed from a vehicle without any permanent alterations. No special tools are required.

Finally, SAFE PTT does not override the radio’s primary palm microphone. The palm mic will continue to work under all circumstances. 


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