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Northcomm's SBI-1 is an intelligent, microprocessor-controlled device that allows you to add additional Logical Inputs and Outputs to your existing Motorola APX or Motorola XTL radio. For Motorola XTL radio users, you can even remotely and determinatively steer channels.

This product connects to your radio through the existing serial bus provided at the accessory connector. There is no modification to the radio or the codeplug. All the new features are offered through our unique configuration tool.

The SBI-1 can be configured to provide the following Inputs/Outputs and features:

  • COR and Channel Activity Detect
  • PL or NAC detect
  • TX audio input
  • RX audio output
  • Convert any control head button press into a latched, momentary or time logic output
  • For Motorola XTL Radios, the SBI-1 can be used to remotely and determinatively change channels, zones or talk groups from anywhere in the world


Applications include:

  • Motorola APX and Motorola XTL 110-watt high power repeaters can be quickly constructed and deployed, which was never possible due to the high-power radios lack the COR output on the factory I/O
  • Remote channel steering of Motorola XTL radios left at remote sites
  • Remap a single, or combination of control head buttons to create hidden and secure gun locking device, K9 door poppers or other clandestine switching applications
  • Activate undercover vehicle siren and emergency equipment control
  • Signaling encoding and decoding for a fire station or warning siren control
  • Building access control


Kit Includes:

  • SBI-1 controller
  • Software and getting started documentation
  • Ability to add radio interface cables at an additional cost to customers who do not wish to make their cabling

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