The SBI-1

An intelligent, rugged interface device for all Motorola APX and XTL radios, that allows users to convert any radio condition into a simple latched, momentary or timed output. These added features are achieved without any modification to the radio and no code plug programming is required.  


Features of the SBI-1 include low logic outputs for:

  • COR and Channel Activity Detect
  • PL or NAC detect
  • TX audio input
  • RX audio output
  • Any control head button press can be decoded and converted into a latched, momentary or timed output
  • When connected to a client PC, the SBI-1 can be used to remotely and determinatively change channels, zones or talk groups from anywhere in the world


Applications include:

  • Motorola APX and XTL 110-watt high power repeaters can now be quickly constructed and deployed. This was never possible because the high-power radios lack the COR output on the factory I/O
  • PL or NAC detect logic output for enhanced tactical repeaters
  • Remote channel steering for radios left at remote sites
  • Remap a single, or combination of control head buttons to create hidden and secure gun locking devices, K9 door poppers
  • Undercover vehicle siren and emergency equipment control
  • Signaling encoding and decoding for fire station or critical infrastructure warning siren control
  • Building access control

The SBI-1 is highly customizable. Your unit will include a programming cable and software which will allow configuration of your device to any APX or XTL radio with any control head combination. For those customers who require the logic identification of some other less common feature, we can provide customized firmware and software upgrades which will allow you to map and decode nearly any radio condition or status.


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