The P.U.C. (Portable Universal Controller), a rugged single port controller with DTMF programmability.

The P.U.C. is an economical, intelligent and rugged single port controller that fits in the palm of your hand.  Encased in a powder coated high strength aluminum housing, ready to withstand years of rough service, the P.U.C. allows users to create tactical mobile field communications platforms appropriate for use by mission critical users.


Designed around Midian’s RM1, The P.U.C. is an innovation that allows for the rapid deployment and installation of this outstanding controller in the most extreme operating environments. With options including DTMF programmability, CW ID, courtesy tone and TOT, the P.U.C. delivers a level of network control not offered in similar devices. The P.U.C. was designed to fill the void between the traditional multiport repeater controller and those applications that require only a single, full-duplex port with control operator privilege.

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