The VCP (Versatile Communications Platform) series of communications platform is an innovative communications solution. Typically sold without radios, the VCP is an “engine run stand” for radio communications devices. Whether you are using Motorola, Harris, or Kenwood radios, the VCP can readily accept and run these radios in base or repeater mode.


We understand the realities of field emergency communications. Therefore, the VCP includes dual high-pressure fans with thermistor control circuitry, Transtector SPD protection, and proprietary DC protection circuitry to ensure that your communications gear is ready for the challenge.


The VCP’s unitized backplane contains both AC and DC power inputs, three Antenna connectors, dual RJ-45 ports for data and audio connectivity and a spare 25 pin comm port.


The VCP can be used in multiple situations; remote locations, emergency preparedness, oil and gas pipelines, utility companies, tactical situations and much more.  If your agency requires a field deployable tactical communications platform, the VCP Series will likely satisfy your needs. 

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