With the introduction of P25, Phase 1 and Phase 2 systems, highly precise radio alignment has never been more critical. 

Northcomm Technologies provides full repair and diagnostic alignments for all Motorola radios. We will connect your radio to one of our new Aeroflex 3920B's, running it through the cutting-edge Aeroflex Auto-test and Alignment Suite. This process offers unsurpassed accuracy and tractability. 

The Northcomm Technologies Difference:

  • Each radio is tested for proper alignment prior to realignment and calibration
  • The radio is automatically realigned to factory specifications
  • Before and after results are recorded
  • Aeroflex's Auto-test and Alignment suite records the radio's model and serial number, including the serial number of the 3920B performing the alignment
  • Test results are recorded within the 3920B's internal memory
  • All radios are labeled with alignment date and system type tags 
  • Alignment data can be provided for additional costs

Our clients trust us because: 

Our commitment to accuracy does not end with the Aeroflex 3920. We use the Fluke 910R GPS controlled Rubidium frequency standard to discipline the Aeroflex 3920 and our other frequency measurement devices. This system ensures frequency accuracy on the order of < 1 x 10-12. The Fluke 910R is the only such device currently on the market that provides an unbroken chain of daily calibration that is continuously calibrated to the primary frequency standards in the US Naval Observatory and ultimately to UTC.  This degree of tractability provides our customers with peace of mind certifying the time, date and year that your exact device was tested and calibrated.

Northcomm Technologies provides the finest products and service for commercial and public safety users. Experience the difference that our years of knowledge and cutting-edge equipment provide with unsurpassed accuracy, traceability, and precision.  

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