Our Story

Our philosophy

The very best, at any cost, for those who routinely give society their best.


Northcomm Technologies was founded to produce the very best components.  Without compromise.

Our products are designed for the Public Safety radio communications environment. These products support our First Responders, Federal Agents and the people who work behind the scenes to keep us safe.  From these people, we expect their very best.

At Northcomm Technologies we exist to provide the very best. 


Our Founder

Mark Danon established Northcomm Technologies in 2014 with a single product: a time saving interconnect cable that one customer described as, “looked like it came off the Space Shuttle.” This first product allowed our customers to connect a popular Motorola Public Safety Repeater to an external device. Nothing about the idea was revolutionary. Mark simply invented a process and product that saved our customers time. He created an American made product that streamlined a routine process.

As sales for the first product grew, Mark used the revenues to invest in highly sophisticated machine tools that further matured the product offering. His goal was to ensure that our quality control was world-class. Today, Northcomm Technologies is unashamedly proud of the fact that we own some of the finest machinery and test equipment in the world.

Under Mark’s leadership, Northcomm Technologies has grown rapidly. In 2015, a Northcomm Product was selected by Motorola Solutions for use in the New York City E-911 Dispatch center. In 2017, Motorola again selected Northcomm Technologies when they needed precisely manufactured coaxial cable assemblies for a major critical infrastructure project. Our success on that project was recognized when we were included in Motorola’s OEM sole source vendor catalog.

Mark’s leadership has placed Northcomm products in the hands of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the New York City Police Department, Motorola Solutions, a US Federal National Laboratory and in the countless hands of an extremely loyal customer base.

Our future is bright, and our focus is clear. We will continue to innovate, invent and create the very finest products for the very finest customers.