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GTR8000 Expansion Module REV 1.012.21

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NEW! Ever thought to yourself how amazing it would be to dramatically simplify the task of interfacing to any G-Series chassis equipped with the transceiver option card? The newly released GTR8000 Expansion Module is just the game-changer you need! 

This innovative device connects to the GTR 50 pin Micro-SCSI connector and places nearly all of your audio and logical I/Os onto one simple to connect DC-37 connector, eliminating the need for rack-consuming punch-down blocks and the Motorola simulcast interface panel.

What's the current challenge you have?

The GTR8000's AUX I/0 and Aux audio connector are a 50 pin Micro-SCSI that is buried behind the station fan tray, requiring the use of a right-angle housing. Such connectors are only available in IDC configuration where specialized tooling is required to terminate these contacts, and there is typically the need to use solid conductor cable.  Motorola's design requires you to purchase a 25 pair cable and mount that assembles to a (1) rack unit panel.

Short answer - you lose (1) rack unit of space and abandon 48 unused conductors by accessing two contact points at this connector with the current Motorola design.

What's the solution we have for you?

With only minutes of installation, the GTR8000 Expansion Module eliminates the use of this Motorola wiring kit and returns valuable rack space to your customer:

  • Quickly attaches to the transceiver option card 50 pin Micro-SCSI and presents you with a vertically oriented 37 pin D-shaped connector.
  • The heavy steel bracket ensures that the GTR8000 and the module are mechanically secured in the X, Y, and Z-axis. This design feature eliminates the possibility of damage to either to GTR transceiver option card or the GTR8000 Expansion module during installation and service.
  • Tools required are simply the Torx driver for the hardware that attaches the fan tray.

Additional Information

The module does more than convert connector types. The unit comes with a flat RJ45 cable assembly which brings the wireline audio directly onto the GTR8000 Expansion Module, where the audio is then routed to the 37 pin connector. This way the wideband audio, wireline audio, and simulcast audio are all present at the same connector and there is no longer a need to run multiple cables into the GTR chassis to route wireline and wideband audio.

The module was designed with easy alarm I/0's in mind. The Expansion Module DIP switch allows the installer to provide a ground potential to the common contacts of the Form A relays at AUX outputs 7,8,9, and 10. These grounds originate from the station itself at pins 46, 44, 43, and 34 and are fuse protected on the Expansion Module.

Kit Includes:

  • GTR8000 Expansion Module
  • Expansion Module Wireline Flat Cable
  • Mounting Hardware

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