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ION Series UHF 6 Cavity BP-BR Duplexer 435-475 MHz UHF R1 250 Watt

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Introducing the ION Series UHF Duplexer - 435-475 MHz   

After two years of exhaustive design, development, and testing, we are thrilled to introduce the Northcomm Technologies ION Series UHF 6-Cavity Band Pass–Band Reject Duplexer!

Our vision and goal were simple: Create the finest UHF Duplexer in the world constructed of only the finest components, metals, and materials.

Compromise nowhere.  

Our design would be made from solid copper for high thermal stability and electrical conductivity. All critical components would be plated in silver. The passband tuning systems must be hand polished and fitted for precise and accurate tuning. The notch capacitors must behave with equal precision and accuracy. This Duplexer would also need to be easily repairable by the end user and designed to last multiple lifetimes.

We achieved this goal.

The Northcomm Technologies ION Series Duplexer is not only a work of art, but a workhorse where during testing it consistently developed notches in excess of -120 dBm, with a nearly flat VSWR and approximately 1dBm of insertion loss.

More technical details will be provided soon.


  • Constructed from 22 lbs. of solid Copper and Brass. There is no aluminum anywhere in this device
  • Fully polished Invar Passband tuning rods with silver plated tuning elements that are hand polished and fitted for extremely precise tuning
  • A new and more secure passband tuning locking system featuring a high-precision locking collar system. Unlike other designs, the passband and return loss won’t move when you tighten the rod, no matter how tightly you turn the locking screws
  • This Duplexer is designed to be disassembled and serviced by you, for life (although you probably won’t ever have to worry about it!). Each cavity incorporates our new and innovative RF Component Assembly System. If a cavity requires service for any reason, it can be disassembled for repairing any issues without the need to return the Duplexer to the factory. Only basic hand tools are required
  • This innovative new system allows access to the RF connectors, loop, Passband Rod System, Beryllium Copper Finger stocks, and cavity walls. Any cavity can be disassembled in under two minutes
  • Fully replaceable tuning capacitors and N-Female Bulkhead connectors
  • All interconnects are built with Huber-Suhner Enviroflex 142 coaxial cable featuring Delta RF high-precision connectors
  • Silver-plated RF components

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Designed, Manufactured, and Assembled in the United States.