Motorola QUANTAR to CAT-800, CAT-250 or CAT-260 Cables with logic IO

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Northcomm Technologies Interface Cable simplifies the complicated task of connecting the Motorola QUANTAR to a CAT-250, CAT-260, or CAT-800 controller. This cable also provides up to four logical outputs from the CAT-250, CAT-260 or CAT-800 to the Motorola QUANTAR.

Our cables are designed and built in the United States. They are carefully assembled using highly precise and sophisticated computer-controlled manufacturing equipment. Each cable is constructed with UL listed shielded multi-conductor cabling using only Amphenol and Switchcraft connectors and contacts.

The resulting product is a finely crafted assembly that provides all necessary data, audio and power connections between your Motorola QUANTAR and your CAT-250, CAT-260 or CAT-800 controller, while operating in both analog and P25 digital modes.

This kit will include the fully assembled cable as well as detailed programming instructions that are necessary to allow the Motorola QUANTAR to be correctly interfaced with the CAT-250, CAT-260 or CAT-800 controller. In addition, each kit will include two reusable Velcro tie wraps to ensure proper cable management, helping you perfect your installation.

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