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Viavi 3920, CX300, 8800 and Freedom RF Test Cable: Stainless N-Male to Stainless Mini-UHF Male

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Built with Northcomm Precision and Durability!

With extreme accuracy and designed with maximum durability to meet the professional LMR radio technician's demanding needs, Northcomm's Viavi 3920, CX300, 8800 and Freedom 8200 RF Test Cable assemblies are engineered to withstand the highly repetitive and abusive nature of the field test and service environment.

Assembly Fabrication Information

  • Multifilament sleeving that meets or exceeds military specifications A-A-59301
  • Highly resistant to abrasion, cuts, common automotive and marine chemicals, UV damage, and vibration, this protective layer will ensure that your RF test cables will survive the dirty and abusive test environments that are all too common at RF sites
  • Type N RF connectors are custom fabricated from type 303 Passivated Stainless Steel
  • The Mini-UHF connector is fabricated from type 303 Passivated Stainless Steel with a beryllium copper gold plated center contact 
  • Each connector is reinforced with high durability dual-wall heat shrink from 3M and finished in a yellow strain relieving outer sleeve that contains all relevant cable information within a 2-D barcode

Our fabrication process uses highly sophisticated computer-controlled machinery from Schleuniger that ensures the electrical and mechanical integrity of both the inner and outer conductors. This proprietary assembly system delivers repeatable and exacting tolerances that are simply unachievable with traditional hand tools.

Once complete, each and every assembly is barcoded and examined with our Rohde and Schwarz ZNB Vector Network Analyzer (S11 & S21) up to 6 GHz*. This data is recorded and provided to you with markers showing the exact losses at the LMR frequencies of interest. 


  • (1) N-Male to Mini-UHF Male RF Test Cable Assembly - 60.00" overall cable length
  • VNA documentation with markers identify key loss characteristics at the following frequencies: (Viavi/Aeroflex 3920 & 8800 series cable loss reference table)
  • 155 MHz (VHF)
  • 425 MHz (UHF 1)
  • 495 MHz (UHF 2)
  • 785 MHz (700)
  • 840 MHz (800)
  • 920 Mhz (900)
  • Full strain relieving and center contact depth verification
  • Low-smoke zero halogenating heat shrink product ID label
  • RF Sweep Data (1 MHz - 6 GHz*)

*Final sweep frequency is determined by the connector family.

Our premium manufacturing machines enable our people and processes to create highly reliable and trusted cable assemblies for mission-critical applications. Without compromise. 

All assemblies are designed and produced in the United States.